Uh huh, honey.

If you haven’t seen Kanye West’s latest music video for his new single, ‘Bound 2‘ (which debuted last week on The Ellen Degeneres Show), then you are either a) living under a very covered rock and I feel bad for you, son, or b) actually doing something meaningful with your life and therefore don’t have the time to watch such nonsense. Either way, take this time to familiarize yourself. It’s all anybody is talking about.

The video is basically green-screen, awkward (potentially dangerous) motorcycle love, and a topless, blonde, “smize”-ing Kim Kardashian. Who, by the way, already had his baby. Oh and sometime after that, an extravagant proposal from ‘Ye himself happened. Go figure.

It opens with some rather artistic green-screen shots revealing the beauty and timelessness of nature. Marvel in the flight of the majestic eagle. Take in the stampede of horses, running wild somewhere in Kanye’s extravagant vision.

Next, bring out the female “artsy” hyper-sexualization. (Because what’s a modern day music video without it?) Here’s Kim smize-ing to her lover spreading his arms wide, embracing his topless baby mama. Ya know, because it’s all part of the grand vision.

Then there’s multiple angles of the backwards-bend most yoga instructors would cringe at. She’s riding Kanye’s…um, motorcycle backwards as the bike is slowly cruising through nature, time and space galaxies. Because that makes sense, right?!

Well, at least Kanye seems happy, getting some on that flying motorcycle. Like a bird who wants to fly, fly away.

And finally, the video ends with a passionate couple in love, aimlessly riding through the Grand Canyon, going in for one last kiss. Aww, how sweet.

And that’s how baby North West was made. Uh huh, honey.

– AE

PS. Oh my god, you guys. You HAVE to see James Franco & Seth Rogen’s spoof of this: Bound 3. GENIUSES. ‘Ye had it coming. And for good measure, here’s a side by side comparison of the two videos (total perfection, shot by shot):

One response to “Uh huh, honey.

  1. I watched Kayne’s video and thought I was in a horrible dream. It has to be one of the worst creations in video history. Then I watched Franco and Rogen’s version; pure genius. Absolutely brilliant, I bet Kayne is royally pissed, but he deserves it.

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