She can’t stop, and she won’t stop. Recently, I’ve been seeing this pixie-haired, blue-green-eyed blondie ALL over my newsfeeds. Something about twerking and pot controversies and that infamous tongue. Brace yourselves, lads: the ultimate trending topic of 2013, miss Miley Cyrus.

Whether it’s her long, spiraly legs, her radical pixie cut, or her suggestive dance moves, Miley Cyrus is a Hollywood sensation. She isn’t the girl everyone talks about for two weeks and then is voted off the tabloids. She’s the kind of girl who never gets off. It seems like every week there’s a new story: Miley versus her growing list of outspoken celebrity haters (she DGAFs); Miley smoking a joint onstage at the European Music Awards (casual); Miley groping a latex dwarf (this is normal behavior, apparently). The girl is deliberately causing attention to herself and she sure as hell knows it. And whatever she’s doing,whether it’s riding a wrecking ball in the nude or posting her puppies on Instagram, it’s working. It took less than a year, and Miley is now one of the most talked-about young women on the planet.

The 20-year-old actress/singer is just basking in the attention. As she told Matt Lauer in an October Today Show interview, when asked about her suggestive gyrating movements (see: twerking) on the 2013 MTV VMAs, “It went exactly as planned. I mean, it’s a month later and we’re still talking about it.”

If you asked me personally, I’d say I didn’t care. I mean, she’s an adult and ex-Disney convict; the girl’s gonna do whatever she wants, and nothing Sinead O’Connor or anyone has to say about it will stop her. I mean, she’s not even 21 yet and even her father seems to be fine with her suggestive music videos and use of marijuana and other drugs. “All I know for sure is I heard my daughter say she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her life,” Daddy Cyrus stated, following Miley’s breakup with Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth. “That’s when I saw Miley being so happy.” (Source)

(What does mullet-loving Billy Ray Cyrus know about raising a daughter, anyway…)

As much as I disagree with the overt sexuality expressed in her music videos, I do think the girl is talented. I’ve always thought she was a great and hilarious actress. (Singing? Well, although “We Can’t Stop” is a guilty pleasure of mine, that’s another story.) Growing up, I was obsessed with the Disney channel sitcom Hannah Montana, the series that gave Miley the breakout role of her life. I loved Miley’s character, her catchy pop music, her corny Tennessee accent and her long, flowy, beautiful hair. I even watched the midnight premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009). Plus, “Best of Both Worlds” and “One in a Million” were my JAMS. In memoriam of the beautiful hair, the Hannah wig, and the pre-twerking innocence. We will always remember.

And so, this post is for you, Miley Cyrus. For owning being the baddest, most gossiped-about chick on the planet. You do you, girl.

“My whole thing is, haters are gonna hate, but haters are also going to click on your YouTube video just to watch it, so I don’t really care. You helped me break the record. Even if you were watching just to hate on me, and now I hold the record, so I win.” (Miley on Good Morning America) 


(PS. Check out my earlier post on Fadology about the twerking trend… yes, twerking!)

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